About us

We came together as a team of likeminded individuals, passionate about living well in our space.  It's as simple as setting a cupboard straight, putting our boots in the boot tray, letting go of those things we don't need, and can be so much more...

Catherine and Janine found each other through their own personal journeys to improve their lives. Both from corporate backgrounds, working tragically long hours, and swapping life quality for dollars, they both realized they were missing out on the substance of life - the relationships, the children, the down time, - and it was unsustainable.  

 j9movesyou is about life - about personal habitat.

We understand how busy life is, and how important your time is, 

and our mission is to help you make your space - your personal habitat - work for you., 

to support you in living your best life.  

Make it useful, accessible, and meaningful!